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Designed and field-tested by Black Belts for the discerning martial artist!  FingerArmor®'s innovative design and one-piece injection mold construction provides superlative grip and protection, replacing gloves or bare hands for holding boards.
Updated: 5/24/2019
Made from Santoprene® - a high-performance synthetic rubber compound - FingerArmor® flexes on impact, providing a cushioning effect to the striker, yet retaining sufficient firmness to shield the holder's fingers from the blow.
Buy FingerArmor in a packaged pair.
$28 USD/pair*
FingerArmor®'s unique internal support structure channels the impact force around your fingers and down into the board.
FingerArmor channels the force around your fingers!
FingerArmor's exclusive angled base naturally positions your hand for optimal hand placement.
FingerArmor protects your fingers from wayward strikes while holding boards!
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Follow FingerArmor® on Facebook
Use FingerArmor with your preferred grappler gloves for extra wrist support.
*Shipping extra - fees explained here.
US Patent # 9,656,141 and Patent Pending      Reg. Trademark 5,597,697